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Obama Seeks Advice On From Tech Giants

President Barack Obama was slated to meet Tuesday with executives from leading technology companies, including Google, Microsoft and Apple, to solicit suggestions on the federal health care exchange website. The impact of federal surveillance efforts on those companies' customers is also expected to come up.

Reuters/The New York Times: Obama To Seek Advice On Portal At Tech Meeting
President Obama will meet executives from leading technology companies like Google and Apple on Tuesday to discuss ways to improve the federal health care exchange website, the White House said. An Obama administration official said the meeting would cover capacity issues with the site,, which has not worked well since its Oct. 1 rollout. Many people face a Dec. 23 deadline to sign up in order to have insurance on Jan. 1 (12/16).

Politico: Obama Calls In Tech To Talk, NSA
Now that the Obamacare website is functional, the administration has called the tech honchos to Washington. The White House paints President Barack Obama’s huddle with tech company leaders on Tuesday as a chat headlining progress and ways the government can fix federal IT. But the Silicon Valley heavyweights, which include Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Twitter, appear more likely to highlight another issue on the administration’s agenda -- federal surveillance efforts and the impact on their companies (Meyers, 12/17).

CNN: Obama To Meet With Apple's Tim Cook, Other Tech CEOs
President Obama will meet with more than a dozen big-named tech CEOs on Tuesday to discuss cybersecurity and the failures of the Obamacare website. In attendance will be Apple CEO Tim Cook,  Chairman Eric Schmidt, Facebook Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings among others. A White House official said they will discuss how the tech sector can help the government avoid IT screw-ups like the website rollout. They will also talk about national security and the impact of "unauthorized intelligence disclosures" (Goldman, 12/16).

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