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Seniors Increasingly Challenged By Cost, Logistics Of Handling Health Care

News organizations are covering how some seniors are moving in with their children or grandchildren -- or using community programs -- to help navigate the world of care.

NPR:  One Roof, Three Generations, Many Decisions
In 1950, U.S. life expectancy was just over age 68. Today, it's nearly 79. In many cases, as people live longer, they are piling up higher medical and personal care costs, while draining the savings that might otherwise have served as an inheritance for younger generations. The price of getting help, such as that provided by long-term-care insurance, has gotten much steeper in recent years (Geewax, 4/17).

HealthyCal: Independence by the Bay: the Community Living Fund
"I don't know how any senior can handle all of this stuff," sighs Mary Anne Humphrey, 68, who suffers from limited mobility due to a spinal cord injury. Humphrey is explaining the endless paperwork, social services, doctor appointments, benefit plans and medications that she juggles as a disabled senior. Fortunately, Humphrey is one of 1,200 San Francisco County residents that have received help over the past five years from a unique Bay Area program that keeps older adults and the disabled living independently: the Community Living Fund (Perry, 4/16). 

Arizona Republic: AARP Campaign Focuses On Government Programs
AARP is gathering small groups in all 50 states to distill a consensus about managing the challenges facing Social Security and Medicare. AARP will leverage the sheer numbers of Americans age 50 and above to "have a say" in how Congress handles the programs. ... About one out of every six Arizonans is collecting Social Security, AARP volunteer Carl Erickson said. About half of those seniors are living on less than $20,000 a year and Social Security makes up about half of that household income (Wright, 4/16).

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