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Few People Sue British National Health System

An examination of the British health care system shows that while there is some dissatisfaction, there are few malpractice suits against the system. Marketplace reports: "Opponents of health care reform have raised concerns about the likelihood of malpractice suits under a new system. But that's not the case in Britain's taxpayer-funded [National Health System]." The show reports on Adrian Goddard, a British man who is suing NHS for negligence for the care that his mother received and notes that he is "a little bit unusual" because of this action. "Peter Walsh of Action Against Medical Accidents says when it comes to the NHS people are rather reluctant to sue." Walsh states: "They're embarrassed to even raise the question of potential compensation. And people tell us often that this is because of the stigma attached to seeking compensation or suing health professionals or the NHS" (Beard, 1/6).

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