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Supreme Court Arguments, Upcoming Ruling Poses Challenges For Political Parties, Presidential Hopefuls

All sides agree that, despite the uncertainly that surrounds what the court will decide, the decision will have political repercussions.

The New York Times: Parties Brace For Fallout In Court's Ruling On Health Care
For all of the fretting by liberals and the tea-leaf reading by legal analysts about the pointed questioning from the justices about the health law, there is but one certainty: There will be substantial political fallout no matter how the court rules (Zeleny, 3/28).

Boston Globe: Ruling May Pose Test For Candidates
If the high court in June rules the law invalid, Republicans will no longer have the luxury of addressing Obama's health care plan with a simple "I am against it"’ and move on to the next issue. Already, that possibility is giving rise to "what if"’ questions being posed everywhere from the couches of late-night comedians to the hallowed halls of Congress. ... While campaigning, Romney often criticizes Obama's plan, but he less frequently brings up his own prescriptions for fixing the vexing problems facing health care. If the law is ruled unconstitutional, political observers say, it would be more incumbent on Romney to explain his own ideas (Viser, 3/29).

Politico: Mitt Romney Or Not, GOP Is Coming For 'Obamacare'
With the general election now in sight, Republican strategists and party officials have begun crafting a strategy that puts health care front-and-center in the campaign against President Barack Obama, even if Mitt Romney is at the top of their ticket (Burns, 3/29).

MSNBC: Romney Keeps Low Public Profile Amid Health Care Hearings
Mitt Romney's performed a disappearing act of sorts during three days of hearings before the Supreme Court on President Obama’s health care law, arguably the most high-profile of issues during the 2012 election, and the motivating issue for conservative primary voters. Romney has held just one public event, a speech at a medical device company outside San Diego, over the course of three days of oral arguments before the high court (Haake and O’Brian, 3/28).

The New York Times: Taking Heed Of Criticism, Santorum Tones Down Attacks
He still reserves plenty of derision for Mr. Romney, mocking him repeatedly as the "Etch A Sketch" candidate whose conservative values are malleable and insincere. But in campaign speeches across Wisconsin the past few days he has directed more of that outrage at Mr. Obama, particularly over the issue of government-mandated health care (Peters, 3/28).

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