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Health Law: Attack Ad Fuel For Midterms

The Wall Street Journal reports on three ads that focus on health care with roots in the 2008 presidential election, while the Koch brothers have launched health law ads against Democratic senators they deem vulnerable. And many health law critics have accepted the law's subsidies.

The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire: Top Ten Campaign Ads: The More Things Change ...
In fact, three of the top five ads focus on health care and date from the 2008 presidential campaign, providing a bracing reminder of how little the last six years of debate about health care have done to resolve differences between the parties. The No.1 ad -- an attack on GOP presidential nominee John McCain’s health-care proposals by then-Sen. Barack Obama -- features arguments that sound very much like today’s slings and arrows (Hook, 4/9).

The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire: Koch Brothers Launch Health Law Ads Against Democrats Udall, Braley
The campaign arm of the Koch-backed nonprofit Freedom Partners launched on Tuesday a nearly $1.1 million ad campaign against two Democratic Senate candidates: Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa and Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado. The campaign, which will be broadcast in both states for the next three weeks, targets the candidates’ support of the Affordable Care Act (Ballhaus, 4/8).

The Associated Press: Many ‘Obamacare’ Critics Accepted Its Subsidies
Several big corporations have reaped millions of dollars from “Obamacare” even as they support GOP candidates who vow to repeal the law. This condemn-while-benefiting strategy angers Democrats, who see some of their top congressional candidates struggling against waves of anti-Obamacare ads partly funded by these companies (4/8).

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