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House Speaker Boehner Enrolls In Obamacare After Initial Errors

The Washington Post examines if Sen. Mary Landrieu actually cast the "deciding vote" for the health law as a conservative group is saying she did in an advertising campaign against her. In the meantime, House Speaker John Boehner enrolled Thursday for health coverage through the District of Columbia's online insurance marketplace -- after initially receiving errors.

The Washington Post's The Fact Checker: Did Mary Landrieu Cast The 'Deciding Vote' For Obamacare?
Americans for Prosperity, a conservative advocacy group backed by the Koch brothers, is launching ads targeting Democrats for having voted for the Affordable Care Act. As the 2014 midterm elections loom, readers should get ready for a flood of ads showing President Obama repeating his Four-Pinocchio statement that Americans could keep their health plan if they liked it. In this case, the Fact Checker was curious about the claim that Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), who likely will have a tight race, cast the "deciding vote" for the law. AFP is clearly trying to undercut the publicity surrounding her effort to pass a fix to the law that would allow individual policyholders to keep their plans (Kessler, 11/22).

The Associated Press/Washington Post: Boehner Signs On To 'Obamacare' After Delay, Tweet
At one point Thursday, Boehner tweeted his frustration — "Guess I’ll just have to keep trying" — along with photos of himself at a computer and the error message he says he received. The House speaker has 583,000 followers on Twitter (11/21).

Politico: John Boehner Now Enrolled In Obamacare
About an hour after Speaker John Boehner's office said he couldn't sign up for Obamacare coverage on the District of Columbia’s exchange, his office said he's now officially enrolled. "Kept at it, and called the DC Health Link help line. They called back a few hours later, and after restarting the process on the website two more times, I just heard from DC Health Link that I have been successfully enrolled," Boehner's office wrote (Millman and Cunningham, 11/21).

CNN: Boehner Tries, Eventually Enrolls In Obamacare 
House Speaker John Boehner sat at his desk in the U.S. Capitol and attempted to enroll in Obamacare on Thursday afternoon, but was unable to log on, and called his experience "pretty frustrating." Boehner's office sent out an update that, four hours after he tried to enroll, the Speaker received an email from DC Health Link confirming he had been enrolled (Walsh, 11/21).

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