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CBO Report On Obamacare And Jobs Still Hot-Button Issue

Republicans and Democrats jumped on the Congressional Budget Office report of the effects of the health law on employment.

Politico: Both Parties Keep Cherry-Picking CBO Report
As the dust is finally settling on the CBO report released Tuesday, the two parties are also finally settling on their talking points going forward - and both still maintain vastly different portraits of the same document, depictions non-partisan analysts say are misleading, ... Republicans are quietly accepting that the report was largely about people working less and making that choice on their own, not literally about “2 million lost jobs.” But ... Republicans and conservative critics are already shifting to a more general argument: Even if it is just people working less, there’s no way that can be good for the economy, ... The White House and Democrats say ... it’s much better for Americans, and the economy, if they can switch jobs or start businesses without having to worry about losing their health insurance (Nather, 2/9).

Reuters: Democrats Promote Positive Message On Obamacare And Work Hours
In a new partisan tussle over election messaging that is likely to color this year's congressional mid-term campaign, Democratic lawmakers said a predicted drop in work hours brought about by Obamacare would mean more family time for mothers, more study opportunities for college students and less job stress for older workers. "The single mom, who's raising three kids (and) has to keep a job because of healthcare, can now spend some time raising those kids. That's a family value," Democratic Senator Charles Schumer said on NBC's Sunday program, "Meet the Press" (Morgan, 2/9).

Politico: Cardin On CBO Report: Jobs Will Be Filled
Sen Ben Cardin said Sunday that reactions to the CBO’s report on the Affordable Care Act were overblown and that vacated jobs would be filled by those looking for work. A report by the Congressional Budget Office released last week suggested millions of workers could cut back hours of leave the work force because of required benefits under the new health care law. Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” the Maryland Democrat said a significant number of those people were in “job lock” ... Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) pushed back on Cardin's optimism, saying it gave people an out from having to work (Drusch, 2/9).

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