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Rural Hospital Closings Tied To Rural Economy Struggles

Also, a new poll examines if Americans think they'll need long-term care as they age.

Marketplace: When Rural Hospitals Close, Towns Struggle To Stay Open
There’s a health care crisis in America that you might not have heard about: Rural hospitals are closing at a rate that’s starting to get some politicians’ attention. Republicans blame Obamacare, while Democrats blame some states’ refusal to expand Medicaid. In reality, the problem started years before all that. What's clear is that rural hospitals and the rural economy rise and fall together (Ragusea, 4/10).

The Associated Press: Poll: Aging In U.S. In Denial About Long-term Care Need
We’re in denial: Americans underestimate their chances of needing long-term care as they get older -- and are taking few steps to get ready. A recent poll examined how people 40 and over are preparing for this difficult and often pricey reality of aging, and found two-thirds say they’ve done little to no planning (Neergaard and Agiesta, 4/11).

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