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House Democrats’ Budget Plan Leaves Health Law And Medicare Intact

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan's plan, in the meantime, would offer seniors a choice between private or traditional Medicare plans and would repeal the health law.

The Wall Street Journal: House Democrats Offer Different Budget Path
Democrats emphasized that their budget would not reduce spending for federal safety-net programs, including Medicare and Medicaid. In the GOP budget, Mr. Ryan proposes offering seniors a choice between traditional Medicare and private plans subsidized by the government, starting in 2024. He would also transfer much of the federal government’s role in Medicaid to the states (Peterson, 4/7).

The Associated Press: House Democrats Unveil Budget Plan With Tax Hikes
Van Hollen’s plan leaves in place so-called Obamacare and leaves the current Medicare system in place, whereas Ryan would repeal the law’s benefits and set in motion a dramatic overhaul of Medicare for future retirees who are presently 55 or younger. It calls for extending refundable tax breaks for the working poor and providing them to childless workers as Obama calls for (4/7).

In other news from Capitol Hill -

Politico: Obamacare And GOP Congress Collide
This race will be a high-profile test of what offends voters more: Obamacare or the Republican Congress. Romanoff is running squarely against House Republicans’ agenda, and Coffman is banking on the hope that voters will be sufficiently outraged about Obama’s health plan to turn out on Election Day (Sherman, 4/8).

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