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Democrats’ Challenge: Finding Perfect Pitch For Health Overhaul Message

With the health law repeal front and center this week, Democrats will attempt to refine their message on the measure's merits. The battle on the House floor could be a fresh opportunity to sell the sweeping legislation. To this end, the Secretary of Health and Human Services will issue a report today that quantifies the number of Americans who have preexisting conditions and would benefit from the law's protections.

NPR: Democrats Seek Right Message To Boost Health Law
For Republicans, the message about the new health care law has been simple: It's bad. …  Democrats, on the other hand, have had a much more difficult job selling the merits of the law. They have had to explain not only why the bill is good, but also what's actually in it. That has led lawmakers and President Obama on occasion to resort to reciting lengthy laundry lists of provisions. Those have often done more to confuse than to enthuse the public (Rovner, 1/17).

Politico: Democrats Seek Redo Of Health Care Pitch
Supporters of health care reform are hoping to use the GOP repeal effort this week to defend and explain the law, using a unified voice and a personal touch (Haberkorn, 1/18).

Connecticut Mirror: Does New Debate Give Dems A Second Chance To Sell Health Care Reform?
It is the Republicans who have pushed health care reform back into the national spotlight, with a House vote set for this week on repealing the law. But Democrats like [Rep. Rosa] DeLauro and [Rep. Joe] Courtney say it's just as much to their advantage as it is to the GOP's to have a fresh debate over this still-controversial law (Shesgreen, 1/18).

The Washington Post: Government Finds Up to Half Of Americans Under 65 Have Preexisting Conditions
The secretary of health and human services is scheduled to release the study on Tuesday, hours before the House plans to begin considering a Republican bill that would repeal the new law to overhaul the health care system. The report is part of the Obama administration's salesmanship to convince the public of the advantages of the law, which contains insurance protections for people with preexisting medical conditions (Goldstein, 1/18).

The Hill: House Dems To Stage Hearing On Reform Law's Protections
As House Republicans plan to repeal the healthcare reform law this week, their Democratic counterparts are staging a hearing on Tuesday where individuals will testify in favor of consumer protections included in the reform law (Millman, 1/17).

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