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The Slow, Slow Pulse Of The Deliberative Body The Washington Post
Congress will probably pass health-care reform. Less clear is whether anybody now living will be around to see it (Dana Milbank, 6/19).

Bipartisan Health Reform Is Possible Politico
Partisan differences are often as substantive as they are political, and compromise can be difficult. But it is also true that the status quo is no longer viable (Tom Daschle, 6/19).

Dissecting The Kennedy Bill Wall Street Journal
This legislation -- the Affordable Health Choices Act that's being drafted by Sen. Edward Kennedy's staff and the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee -- will push Americans into stingy insurance plans with tight, HMO-style controls (Betsy McCaughey, 6/19).

The Cost Of Government Health Care The Washington Times
The estimated costs of the health care program don't take into account that many people will want to switch from private to the subsidized government insurance program, which also will drive up program costs (6/19).

Unhealthy Numbers The Houston Chronicle
This miserable performance has forfeited opponents of reform the option of keeping the status quo. Over the coming weeks, congressional committees will have the opportunity to inform Americans about ways to improve this sick-and-getting-sicker situation (6/18).

The Public Plan Diversion CongressDaily
The left and right alike want to transform the healthcare debate into an ideological cage match on whether to create a public competitor to private insurance companies. If they succeed, the nation could squander an invaluable opportunity for transformative reform (Ronald Brownstein, 6/19).

More Competition In Health Care The Hartford Courant
If required to compete with a public plan, private insurers won't go out of business, but they will be forced to cut costs and offer more affordable products (Bill Press, 6/18). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.