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Today’s Opinions: Cuts In Medicare Advantage; Benefits Of Medicaid Expansion; Closing The Doughnut Hole

Farewell Medicare Advantage The Wall Street Journal
Democrats loathe Medicare Advantage because it sanctions the private choices that might eventually liberate the U.S. health market from government price controls. They also wanted to raid Advantage to finance their new subsidies (6/11).

Health Care Reform A Step In Curing America's Ills The Delaware County (Pa.) Daily Times
Those who attempt to undermine it with misinformation are doing a disservice to others and probably overlooking advantages to their own health care (6/11).

Health Care Help Florida Today
But the great leap forward in providing health care coverage to lower-income workers at bargain rates detailed in the Kaiser (Family Foundation) report shows how misguided Florida politicians trying to opt out of federal health care reforms are (6/11).

Medicaid Expansion A Good Deal For Uninsured, State Budgets Twin Cities (Minn.) Daily Planet
It's a good deal for those needing health care who can't afford it. And it's a good deal for our state budget (Russell, 6/10).

Confessions Of A Home Nurse The Seattle Times
When someone you love is on the mend, recovering from some awful ailment, you want him to have the best, the kindest, most compassionate, most professional care possible (Sharon Randall, 6/10).

New Health Bill Closes Donut Hole The Bemidji (Minn.) Pioneer
Call it socialism if you like, but one benefit of the new health care reform bill which took effect this week has anyone who has ever handled Medicare Part D a lot happier (6/11). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.