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The Health Care Follies CBS News /The New Republic
The health care debate has been presented as a conflict between spendthrift Democrats and skinflint Republicans. The reality is closer to the opposite (Chait, 7/9).

Whip Inflation Now The New York Times
The health care bills now winding their way through Congress would do little to change the fundamental incentives that drive health care's inexorably rising costs (Brooks, 7/10).

Democrats Hoodwink The Health Lobby Wall Street Journal
The question is just how long it is going to take for America's health-care CEOs to realize they are being taken for a ride, both by Congress and their own lobbyists. Americans are wary enough about ObamaCare to maybe appreciate some straight talk from corporate America. If only corporate America can find the smarts to give it (Strassel, 7/10).

How Not To Fix Health Care Washington Post
For those who seek health reform that is effective, bipartisan and fiscally sound, the past few days have been unsettling (7/10).

Mining Health Data To Cut Down Costs Minneapolis Star Tribune
Minnesotans may not realize it, but as of July 1 they became part of a pioneering statewide health care project that could show the nation how to harness information technology to bring skyrocketing medical costs under control (7/10). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.