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Today’s Opinions: Medicare Threatened By Poor Doctor-Payment System, New Health Law’s Impact On Small Business, U.S. Commitment To AIDS Relief

Looming Cuts To Medicare Jeopardize Seniors' Health Houston Chronicle
Only the U.S. Congress can stop this imminent Medicare meltdown. Permanent repeal of the broken [doctor] payment formula that creates this whopping cut will preserve access to care for Texas' Medicare and TRICARE patients. This is the only way to fix the problem once and for all before the baby boomers begin to use Medicare in droves (J. James Rohack, 5/13).

ObamaCare Tax Law Is Bad Prescription For Small Business Investor's Business Daily
A little-noticed provision in the new health care law may not only dramatically increase paperwork for small businesses, but also put them at a disadvantage against their larger competitors (David Hogberg, 5/13).

Kids Need Exercise, Not Bureaucrats The Washington Times
Generations of Americans who were weaned on genuine health and physical-education classes know that it doesn't take the CDC or the first lady of the land to tell us that our youths are what they eat and a product of our own making (Deborah Simmons, 5/14).

The Wavering War On AIDS The New York Times
The United States has been a leader in providing financing for the war on AIDS through bilateral programs and a multilateral global fund. Now, instead of a sharp increase in donations, as once planned, the administration proposes only a slight increase in bilateral financing and a modest reduction in its multilateral contribution. ... But the AIDS pandemic is still spreading. And the goal of universal access to treatment remains a distant dream (5/13).

Close Any Holes In Health Care Reform The (Northern Ohio) News-Herald
We hope this isn't an indication of things to come from the health care reform bill. Later this year, President Barack Obama's health care law requires insurers to accept all children regardless of medical history. But the law doesn't limit what the companies can charge, which leaves some families concerned that their children won't be covered because it costs too much (5/14). 

California Should Limit Health Care Cuts San Jose Mercury News
Two weeks ago, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger pledged California's full support for national health care reform. The governor has to put his words into action today when he releases his revised state budget plan. Californians will be able to tell a lot about his commitment to health care by how he closes the $18 billion budget gap (5/13). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.