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Health Care Politics: Perry’s Stem Cell Controversy, Biden Medicare Fact Check

News outlets covered Gov. Perry's controversial stem cell advocacy and his health care stance as well as Vice President Biden's assertions on Medicare.

MSNBC: Rick Perry Pushed Bill That Could Benefit Stem Cell Doctor's Firm
Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who recently underwent an experimental injection of his own adult stem cells to relieve back pain, pushed a bill through the Legislature in June that paves the way for a company co-owned by his doctor to become the first state-approved "bank" to store and cultivate such cells for medical treatment ... [that fact] illustrates two aspects of his record that are drawing increasing attention as he pursues the presidency: his enthusiasm for ideas that are sometimes outside the scientific mainstream and what critics view as his willingness to use the levers of state government to benefit friends and political benefactors (Isikoff, 9/2).

The Fiscal Times: Perry and Bachmann: Attack Obama, Be Vague on Jobs
The three leading contenders for the Republican nomination have essentially laid out the same vague formula they would use to revive country’s dismal employment market if elected: restrain government spending, kill off onerous regulations, cut taxes for businesses, and repeal President Obama's signature health law (Hirsch, 9/1).

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The Washington Post: Fact Checker: Biden's Claim That The GOP Will 'Eliminate' Medicare
Biden's essential point is that the GOP plan would "eliminate Medicare in the next 10 years." Does it? ...  Biden gets points for acknowledging there is a debate over what the premium support plan would mean for seniors. But even if you think Biden is just expressing an opinion, he crosses a line here by flatly saying the GOP plan "eliminates" Medicare in a decade (Kessler, 9/1).


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