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Parties Differ On Selling Insurance Across State Lines

House Republicans view this policy as one of the key replacement planks in their "repeal and replace" strategy for the health law.

The Hill: Parties Clash Over Selling Insurance Across State Lines
Basic consumer protections that exist in almost every state would be eroded if insurance companies could sell policies across state lines, Democrats said Wednesday. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said some coverage mandates, such as a requirement to cover adopted children and disabled adult children, are on the books in more than 40 states. A Republican bill to ease the interstate sale of insurance would take away many of those protections, he said (Baker, 5/25).

CQ HealthBeat: House GOP: Replace Health Overhaul with Interstate Sales of Insurance
Several states recently approved measures to allow insurance companies based elsewhere to sell health coverage within their borders, usurping the traditional regulatory relationship among state insurance departments, companies and consumers. House Republicans have now seized on a national version of this idea as one of the first "replace" planks in their "repeal and replace" campaign against the health care law (Norman, 5/25).

Earlier, related KHN coverage: FAQ: Selling Health Insurance Across State Lines (Galewitz and Verdon, 1/25).

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