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The Hill: Insurers Feel Pressure To Support Enroll America

The Hill reports that unnamed insurance industry sources say they feel that Enroll America, the non-profit group raising funds to support outreach to the uninsured, is "just an arm of the administration." In a separate story, The Hill notes new research concluding the trend toward part-time work and reduced health benefits began before the overhaul.

The Hill: Insurers Feel Pressure From Health Group With Ties To White House
The links between a nonprofit promoting President Obama’s healthcare law and the White House have created an "air of expectation" that insurers will contribute to the group, according to an insurance industry official. Current and former administration officials have taken on leadership and fundraising roles for Enroll America, a nonprofit aiming to make sure people sign up for new coverage options (Baker, 5/23).

The Hill: Trend Toward Part-Time Work, Cuts In Health Coverage Predate ObamaCare
Employers have been cutting back employees' hours and access to health insurance since before President Obama's healthcare law passed, according to new research released Wednesday. The findings are potentially significant as the healthcare law is about to take full effect (Baker, 5/22).

Fox News: 56 Percent Want To Go Back To Pre-ObamaCare System
Majorities of American voters say their family will be worse off under the Affordable Care Act, and think it would be better to go back to the pre-ObamaCare health care system. A Fox News poll released Wednesday finds that while 26 percent of voters say their health care situation will be better under the new law, twice as many -- 53 percent -- say it will be worse. Another 13 percent say it won’t make a difference. … Young voters and seniors are pessimistic about ObamaCare. Majorities of those under age 35 and those 65+ think things will be worse under the 2010 health care law (Blanton, 5/22).

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