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Physician Group Touts ‘High-Value’ Care

News reports indicate that the American College of Physicians, which is focusing this message on treatment choices for diabetes and back pain, sees this idea as a way for patients to get the most out of their their health care dollars.

NPR's SHOTS blog: Doctors Group Tells Patients To Go For Cheaper, High-Value Treatments
The American College of Physicians is urging patients with newly diagnosed diabetes and back pain not to opt for the latest-and-supposedly-greatest. It's part of a new campaign to steer patients (and their doctors) to what the College of Physicians calls "high value care," and away from expensive tests and treatments that aren't any better -- and often are worse. ... Instead of highly touted diabetes brands such as Actos, Januvia and Avandia, the College of Physicians says, patients with type 2 diabetes should start out on a tried-and-true generic  (Knox, 4/19).

MedPage Today: 'High Value' Care Goal of New ACP Partnership
The American College of Physicians (ACP) and Consumer Reports are teaming up to help patients get the biggest bang for their health care bucks, starting with management of low back pain and diabetes, officials of both groups said here. In a joint program called High Value Care, the two organizations are developing brief, to-the-point brochures that advise on expensive tests and treatments to avoid because they lack evidence that their benefits outweigh the costs and risks (Gever, 4/19). 

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