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Insurers View Health Exchanges As Money-Making Opportunities

With the challenge-filled launch season out of the way, health insurance companies who opted out last time around appear to be lining up to participate in the health law's online insurance marketplaces. Some say this could be good news for consumers.

The Hill: Insurers Flocking To ObamaCare
Health insurance companies suddenly want in on the Obamacare action. With a difficult launch year out of the way, insurers are seeing a moneymaking opportunity in the federal health care program and are lining up to offer plans on the Obamacare exchanges in 2015. In the 10 states where data is available, at least 27 new insurers have indicated they will offer plans on the marketplaces in 2015. Each additional carrier will expand the number of plans sold on the exchanges, since none of the carriers already offering plans have indicated they will drop out (Viebeck, 6/15).

The Fiscal Times: More Insurers In Obamacare Mean Lower Premiums
Insurance companies that sat on the sidelines of Obamacare last year are looking to get in the game in 2015. This could mean more options and lower premiums for Obamacare enrollees next year. A new analysis from The Advisory Board says that in every state where data is available so far, more providers are asking to participate in Obamacare next year. This is good news for consumers, as more competition means more options (Ehley, 6/15).

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