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Is Polar Payoff The New Cornhusker Kickback? Change In GOP’s Plan Benefits Alaska, And Alaska Only

Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is a crucial vote, and a new provision seems to recognize that fact.

Bloomberg: GOP Health Bill Steers Cash To The Home State Of A Reluctant Senator 
Call it the Polar Payoff. Changes made to the Republican legislation to repeal large parts of Obamacare would send hundreds of millions of extra federal dollars to Alaska, whose Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski has been holding off from giving her much-needed vote to the bill. Under formulas in the revised legislation, only Alaska appears to qualify for the extra money. The money comes from the legislation’s $182 billion in funding meant to help stabilize insurance markets and help states provide coverage. Under the formulas, states -- in this case just Alaska -- with disproportionately higher premiums would get extra funds from that account. (Edney, Recht and Litvan, 7/13)

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