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Polls: Obama Scores Higher In Trust On Medicare

A new Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll found that 52 percent of the public trusts President Barack Obama over GOP presidential pick Mitt Romney to do a better job with Medicare's future, although young people were more receptive than seniors to GOP Medicare proposals. Meanwhile, a survey by AP-GfK found substantial belief in the widely challenged idea that the law includes "death panels."

Kaiser Health News: Poll: Younger Americans More Receptive Than Seniors To GOP Medicare Plan
The Republican proposal to change Medicare that has been championed by GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan remains unpopular with Americans, although younger people are more receptive to it than older ones, according to a new poll (Rau, 9/27).

Politico Pro: Poll: Obama Better For Medicare's Future
Fifty-two percent of the public says Obama is the one they "trust to do a better job" in determining Medicare's future, according to a poll released Thursday by the Kaiser Family Foundation. That's compared with 32 percent who pick Mitt Romney. Obama has made significant gains since July, when the spread in the Kaiser poll was just half that. At that time, 44 percent chose him and 34 percent chose the Republican presidential nominee (Haberkorn, 9/27).

Politico: Swing-States Polls: President Obama Tops Mitt Romney On Medicare
And that's despite weeks of Republican attacks that the president is taking $716 billion from Medicare to pay for "Obamacare." In Florida, Obama is up by 15 percentage points on the question of who would do a better job on Medicare, 55 percent to 40 percent. ... Obama leads 55 percent to 39 percent in Ohio, and 55 percent to 39 percent in Pennsylvania (Norman, 9/27).

The Hill: Poll: Four In 10 Believe In Obama Health Care Law 'Death Panels'
About four in 10 U.S. adults believe that President Obama's healthcare reform law will create "death panels" to decide patients' fitness for care, according to a new Associated Press-GfK survey. Support for the widely challenged claim has remained steady since 2010, when 39 percent believed "death panels" would result from the healthcare law. Today, 41 percent say the same is true. Overall, most people believe the law will go into effect in spite of Republican pledges to repeal it (Viebeck, 9/26).

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