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The Bipartisan Trap - And How Democrats Fell Into It Kaiser Health News
If Democrats hadn't been so determined to reach out to Republicans--and worked so hard for an agreement that didn't seem overly partisan--they wouldn't have made the Nebraska bargain, or many others, in the first place (Jonathan Cohn, 1/25).

The Naked And The Dead The New York Times
I wondered how the Governator of California felt about the crumbling Kennedy legacy in Massachusetts and the rocketing Scott Brown, who has promised to scuttle the health care bill (Maureen Dowd, 1/23).

Don't Blame Insurance Companies The Ithaca (N.Y.) Journal 
What is not generally known is that New York, like most states, imposes heavy taxes and fees on health insurance companies and that is included in the premiums charged to the consumer (J. David Ferris, 1/25).

Health Diplomacy The Washington Post 
With his health-care reform in mortal danger, President Obama should try treating the Senate Republicans the way he treats the ruling mullahs of Iran (1/24).

Reform, Still Urgent, Requires All To Participate The Buffalo News
Sustainable reform means everybody is going to have to do something different, and we're all going to have to suspend our beliefs about what may have worked in the past because we need different solutions brought forward (Michael Cropp, MD, 1/25).

Health Care Experts Say Obama Can Get Some Reform Himself The Washington Post
Obama should use his authority as president to start reforming the health care system right now - without waiting for congressional passage of a behemoth health-financing bill (David Ignatius, 1/24).

Democrats Pay Price For Dithering The Columbus Dispatch
Now, will Democrats manage to cobble together a centrist compromise that can win a vote or two from Senate Republicans and overcome a filibuster? (Jonathan Riskind, 1/24). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.