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AARP, AMA Support Reform Of System The Miami Herald
"The American people deserve facts and a fair discussion of what's most important as Congress tackles healthcare reform. AARP and the American Medical Association are committed to preserving the best of our current system and to working to improve it with policies that expand coverage, improve quality and make insurance more affordable" (Jennie Chin Hansen and J. James Rohack, 10/19).

Switzerland's Example Of Universal Healthcare The Los Angeles Times
"Its citizens receive very good medical care. Controlling costs, however, is difficult" (Doyle McManus, 10/18).

The Catastrophic Option The New York Times
"Three major problems plague American health care. The cost of premiums is eating up an ever larger share of take-home pay. The cost of our public health care programs is eating up an ever larger share of the federal budget. And millions of people who need insurance are priced out of the market" (Ross Douthat, 10/18).

2.47 Trillion Dimes The Washington Post
"In the world according to Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.), setting Medicare payment levels for doctors has nothing to do with health reform. Really" (10/19).

'Expert Panels' Won't Improve Health Care The Wall Street Journal
"Government reliance on medical studies will make it harder to discard false prophecies and dogmas" (Norbert Gleicher, 10 /18).

Scalpel, Please The Chicago Tribune
"With all the coverage of that vote, you might think reform is on a glide path to President Barack Obama's desk. Not even close" (10/19).

The Public Plan, Continued The New York Times
"In the debate over health care reform, no issue has produced more fury and sound bites than the question of whether to include a government-run insurance plan. It is not indispensable, and its role would be limited" (10/17).

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