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Aging In Place Is Not So Easy Kaiser Health News
"Aging in Place" is the popular rallying cry in the senior community. But living at home is not so easy, either for the frail elderly or younger people with disabilities. Interestingly enough, the reasons may have more to do with social issues than medical concerns (Howard Gleckman, 10/26).

After Reform Passes The New York Times 
So, how well will health reform work after it passes? (Paul Krugman, 10/25).

Why Government Health Care Keeps Falling In The Polls The Wall Street Journal
The health-care debate is part of a larger moral struggle over the free-enterprise system (Arthur C. Brooks, 10/25).

Public Plan Mirage The Washington Post
In the health-care debate, the "public plan" is all things to all people (Robert J. Samuelson, 10/26).

One Person, One Dose The New York Times
Our ability to immunize large numbers of Americans quickly and effectively against the H1N1 virus may depend on an unlikely resource: our voting system (Douglas Shenson, 10/25).

The Third-Best Reform The Washington Post
Economist Alan Blinder once proposed Murphy's Law of Economic Policy, which goes in part: "Economists have the least influence on policy where they know the most and are most agreed." The health-care debate is threatening to show Blinder's law in action (10/25).

Righting Wrongful Denials Of Insurance Coverage The Los Angeles Times
One purpose of the healthcare reform effort in Washington is to help more Americans obtain coverage, in part by making policies available to people with preexisting conditions. But the pending bills wouldn't end the nightmares faced by others whose insurance fails them when they need it most (10/24).

Real Reparations For African-Americans: Health Care Reform The Mercury News
As the public debate over health care reform continues, many African-Americans are concerned that the minority of voices loudly denouncing a public option might sideline the real reform their community desperately needs (Alessandra Harris, 10/25).

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