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Obama Aims To Tamp Down Fears About Health Law Implementation

During a Tuesday news conference, President Barack Obama acknowledged likely "bumps and glitches" as key provisions of the health law take effect, but said that many elements of the measure are already in place and "working fine."

Los Angeles Times: Obama Seeks To Allay Healthcare Law Concerns
President Obama sought to tamp down fears Tuesday that his landmark healthcare law would raise insurance costs and cause other disruptions, saying most Americans were already benefiting from it and others soon would. … But the law's signature benefit — a guarantee that all Americans can get insurance, even if they are ill — doesn't take effect until next year. Building a system to deliver on that promise has been the law's most complex and costly challenge (Levey, 4/30).

The New York Times: Health Care Law Is 'Working Fine,' Obama Says In Addressing Criticism
President Obama said Tuesday that his health care law was "working fine," and he played down concerns that the law could disrupt coverage or lead to higher premiums for people who already had health insurance. At the same time, federal officials released simplified application forms to be used by people seeking health insurance, tax credits and other government subsidies under the law, which Mr. Obama signed three years ago (Pear, 4/30).

The Wall Street Journal: Obama Sees 'Bumps' For Health Law
The stakes are high for the administration since the outcome of Mr. Obama's signature domestic-policy legislation could shape the course of his second term. Republicans are preparing to seize on any early flaws to further their campaign against the law, and make gains in 2014 elections (Radnofsky, 4/30).

The Associated Press/Washington Post: Obama Says His Health Care Law Already Benefiting Majority Of Americans Who Have Health Care
The president says despite what he calls "sky is falling" predictions, the Affordable Care Act's provisions are already in place for those with health insurance. He says what's left is to help those Americans who don't have health care coverage to obtain it. He acknowledged that is "a big undertaking" and predicted there could still be some glitches as the details are worked out (4/30).

National Journal: The 'Obamacare' Rollout's 'Glitches And Bumps' Won't Doom Health Reform
President Obama acknowledged reality when he said Tuesday that the rollout of the health reform law next year is going to be interrupted by "glitches and bumps." But if the past is any indication, an initial spate of difficulties or bad headlines won't alone spell failure (Sanger-Katz, 4/30).

Kaiser Health News: Capsules: Obama: 'We're Pushing Very Hard' To Meet Health Law Deadlines
President Barack Obama said … he expected some 'glitches and bumps' in the road to full implementation of his health care law. "That's pretty much true of every government program that's ever been set up," Obama said. 'We've got a great team in place, we are pushing very hard to make sure that we're hitting all the deadlines and the benchmarks" (Carey, 4/30).

The Hill: GOP Hits Obama Over 'Glitches' Comment
Republicans piled on President Obama over his concession Tuesday that there will be "glitches and bumps" in the rollout of his healthcare law. Republican campaign committees seized on the comments, linking them to a poll released earlier Tuesday that showed the law remains unpopular (Baker, 4/30).

Kaiser Health News: President on Obamacare: 'Still A Big Complicated Piece Of Business'
KHN has posted a transcript of President Barack Obama's remarks on implementation of the health care law during his Tuesday news conference (4/30).

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