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Health Reform's Missing Ingredient The New York Times
The problem with these bills, however, is that they would not make the exchanges available to all Americans. Only very small companies and those individuals who can't get insurance outside of the exchange - 25 million people - would be allowed to shop there. This would leave more than 200 million Americans with no more options, private or public, than they have today (Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., 9/17). 

Step Back, Start Over USA Today
Affordable and quality health care for every American is neither a Republican nor a Democratic issue - it is an American issue. Unfortunately, the current health care bills before Congress are too partisan, too expensive and too big-government for most Americans to support (Orrin Hatch, 9/17).

Massachusetts Is A Health-Reform Model Wall Street Journal
Because of our reform, over 97% of Massachusetts residents are insured the highest rate of coverage of any state in the nation. Our residents now have better access to preventive care in lower cost primary-care settings. Employers have expanded coverage for workers, not retreated as some feared. Families are less likely to be forced into bankruptcy by medical costs. Most importantly, lives have been saved. This is all good news for our residents, as well as for our state's long-term economic prosperity (Gov. Deval L. Patrick, D-Mass.).

Co-Ops Put Premium On Cost, Quality Politico
As former CEOs of health insurance cooperatives, we support an expanded role for health care cooperatives in helping to reform and improve our health care system. Based on our work with cooperatives and more than 20 years of subsequent experience leading health systems and health insurance companies, we believe that fostering the development of health care cooperatives can help accelerate the transition to health care organizations that more efficiently deliver coordinated, quality care to patients (Leonard E. Schaeffer and Gail L. Warden, 9/17).

ObamaCare And Red State Democrats Wall Street Journal
It's now becoming clear that Mr. Obama's speech failed to rally voters and failed to inspire Democrats to follow their president's lead. And while the fissures are small now (Mr. Dean's worry seems to be that triggers would give too much away to Republicans), they will likely widen unless the president shows that his policies will do what his campaign did expand the pool of voters in favor of Democrats (Karl Rove, 9/17).

Medical Errors The Chicago Tribune
Letter to the editor: America needs health-care reform. Implementing cost-saving measures should be at the forefront of the debate; however, calls for limitations on medical malpractice claims are nothing more than a transparent attempt by the insurance industry to increase profits and pay for its shareholders and executives (Peter J. Flowers, 9/17).

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