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Today’s OpEds: Post-Health Reform Politics Outlook

For Democrats, A Win Is A Win The New York Times
The health care reform victory was hard politics. The president should learn the bread-and-butter lesson of the last month: focus on telling voters what the insurance companies won't be doing to you any more (Stanley B. Greenberg, 3/23).

The Backroom Deals Won't Matter Politico
Throughout U.S. history, navigating major legislation through Congress has required similar extraordinary efforts. And once accomplished, the nation has, nonetheless, welcomed each such program and rewarded its architects (Bruce Schulman, 3/23).

The Reality Of Obamacare Los Angeles Times
You won dirty against bipartisan opposition from both Congress and the majority of Americans. You've definitely polarized the country even more, and quite possibly bankrupted us too. But hey, you won (Jonah Goldberg, 3/23).

Act II: Slaying The Health Care Legislation Chicago Tribune
The question with the passage Sunday of Democratic health legislation now becomes: Who will arrive first to slay this monster, the voters in November or the U.S. Supreme Court? (Dennis Byrne, 3/23).

Don't Short Obama Newsweek
It would be very difficult to tote up all the times pundits pronounced the health care bill dead, and the prospects for the Obama administration dire-especially after the election of Scott Brown in January (Daniel Gross, 3/22).

A Courageous Vote The Baltimore Sun 
Democrats should be emboldened by their vote on health care to worry not about whether they're strengthening their prospects for re-election but about whether they're strengthening this country (3/23).

Repealicans: The GOP's risky plan to run against health care reform Slate 
Why assume that lockstep Republican opposition will discredit the health care program? Maybe the opposite will happen: Lockstep opposition will discredit Republicans (William Saletan, 3/22).

Point of No Return?  National Review 
The 2010 election may be the last chance to halt the dismantling of America. It can be the point of no return (Thomas Sowell, 3/23).

Will Health-Care Reform Work? The Washington Post
Mr. Obama can begin bending the curve, everything else about his reform -- the universal coverage, the mandates, the subsidies -- will become easier (3/23).

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