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Today’s OpEds: On Compromise, Disparities And Legal Challenges To Health Law

Hail The Conquering Professor The New York Times
The Democrats were walking around in a state of shock. Holy cow, they were saying to themselves. We're not total wimps! (Maureen Dowd, 3/23).

After Health Reform, Is Anyone Willing To Compromise? The Washington Post
On financial reform, as on immigration, education and climate change, some senators continue to seek cooperation across the aisle. And perhaps an appeal to self-interest could nudge the impulse along. Lawmakers might look to their low approval ratings and ask themselves how much longer voters will tolerate the vitriol (3/24).

From Televangelism to the Tea Parties The Wall Street Journal
[T]he right-wing populist ground swell that has dominated the scene for the past few months doesn't seem to be driven by the logic of legislative effectiveness. What it craves are exaggerated moral showdowns and superhuman ideological feats (Thomas Frank, 3/24).

Health Bill Will Iron Out Disparities Atlanta Journal Constitution
The fractious debate over health care has obscured the promise this bold legislation has to reduce health disparities in the United States (David Satcher, 3/23).

Health Bill Lawsuits Are Going Nowhere CNN
A state attorney general is almost by definition a candidate for higher office. The filing of lawsuits challenging the health reform law by 14 attorneys general -- all but one of them Republican -- may look good for their next campaigns, but these cases are going nowhere legally (Timothy Stoltzfus Jost, 3/24).

Turning Medicine Into Political Football The Denver Post
During President Obama's final push for "universal health care" legislation, his biggest obstacle was not Republicans but rather anti-abortion Democrats let by Congressman Bart Stupak (Paul Hsieh, 3/24).

Challenge And Repeal  KHN's Blog Watch 
Many bloggers are focused on some Republicans' efforts to repeal the bill and whether successful legal challenges can be brought in the nation's courts (Kate Steadman, 3/23).

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