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Detailing Presidential Politics, Policies And Fundraising

In this pair of stories, The Associated Press offers "clarity" on some of the issues in play in the presidential campaign as well as a report from the campaign trail.  

The Associated Press: The Race: Clarity On Issues In Presidential Race
Rarely have the differences between presidential candidates been so stark. President Barack Obama's announcement in support of same-sex marriage is the latest example. ... Romney vows to try to roll back Obama's health care law if the Supreme Court doesn't do it, and to let states decide health care policy. Obama wants to forge ahead and contends any Supreme Court ruling striking his overhaul would amount to "judicial activism" (Raum, 5/10).

The Associated Press: Obama Heads To Struggling Nev. After Fundraising
Obama, on the other hand, has been airing a new Spanish-language ad in Colorado, Florida and Nevada. It features testimonials from three Hispanic supporters, including one of his campaign field organizers in Nevada. David Damore, a political scientist at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, noted that Democrats are also demonstrating the benefits of Obama's health care law to Latinos. But he said ultimately the candidates' stances on immigration will be the leading issue in determining the vote (Kuhnhenn, 5/11).

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