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Report Estimates Number Of Previously Uninsured People Who Gained Coverage: 5.4 Million

According to an Urban Institute study, consumers who obtained insurance through the federal and state online insurance marketplaces were not simply swapping out other insurance.

NBC News: Report: 5.4 Million Newly Insured Under Obamacare
More than 5 million Americans who didn’t have health insurance before have been able to get coverage since September, according to a new report released Thursday. ... Early statistics had suggested that many of the people who rushed to buy the plans available on the new health insurance exchanges were just swapping out of other coverage. But the new report suggests the law is having its intended effect of getting people covered who weren’t before (Fox, 4/4).

PBS NewsHour: Survey Finds 5.4 Million Americans Gained Insurance Under New Health Law
The results are the first indicator of how many uninsured Americans may have benefited from the Affordable Care Act since the insurance marketplaces opened last October. Supporters of the law say it’s another reason to be optimistic. ... The nationally representative survey of approximately 7,500 adults was conducted by researchers at the Urban Institute and funded in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Kane, 4/3).

Meanwhile, the Washington Post's fact checker takes a look at President Barack Obama's comments about spending on efforts to oppose during his enrollment "victory lap" -

The Washington Post’s The Fact Checker: ‘Billions’ Spent On Attacking Obamacare
A reader asked us about this comment during the president’s victory lap on the Affordable Care Act. Were there really “billions” of dollars’ worth of commercials opposing the law? Our initial reaction was that this was just a bit of presidential hyperbole. On the other hand, the president did make this assertion in a major speech. So let’s see what the data say (Kessler, 4/4).

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