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Chamber Of Commerce Signals A ‘Low-Key’ Strategy In Support Of Repeal

In addition to the Chamber's approach, news outlets detailed the National Taxpayers' Union plans once the repeal vote is over to focus on certain tax provisions in the new law that the Obama administration may be willing to address. Also, experts on Minnesota Public Radio discuss the political positioning and implementation action at the state level. And, in other news, the CEO of one major health insurers discusses how his company plans to position itself in the context of health reform.

CQ: Chamber Of Commerce Hoping To Slow Financial, Health Care Overhauls
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Tuesday that it will work to slow the implementation of President Obama's two major legislative victories from last year, but signaled it would work with the White House on trade and immigration issues. Speaking on the state of American business, Thomas J. Donohue, the Chamber's president, lamented the 159 new agencies and supervisory bodies it expects to pop up thanks to the new health care law (Sloan, 1/11).

Politico: U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Signals Low-Key Approach To Health Repeal
U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue said Tuesday that his organization supports Republican legislation in the House to repeal President Barack Obama's health care reform law but signaled that the powerful business lobby won't employ the same scorched-earth tactics it used last year to try to kill reform (Frates, 1/11).

Modern Healthcare: U.S. Chamber Backs Reform Repeal
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said it supports congressional efforts to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and will work to curb government regulation that the organization said poses the single biggest challenge to jobs, global competitiveness and the future of American enterprise (Zigmond, 1/11).

The Hill: Taxpayer Group Predicts Changes To Healthcare Law
National Taxpayers Union Vice President Pete Sepp said in a call Tuesday that once the dust settles from the health care reform act repeal effort, the focus will quickly turn to several tax-related portions of the bill that President Obama might be willing to change (Wasson, 1/11).

Minnesota Public Radio: A Rational Look At Health Care Reform
While the political rhetoric on health care reform law has cooled, efforts to repeal it are still moving forward. Guests take a rational look at the political positioning and how individual states are trying to either challenge or implement the law (1/12).

MarketWatch: Aetna's Finance Chief Talks Health Reform
Aetna's chief financial officer, Joseph Zubretsky, told conference attendees Tuesday that the company plans to increase its presence in the Medicaid market as that government-financed health program expands to cover more people (Gerencher, 1/11).

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