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Today’s OpEds: Democrats Can Win With Health Care; States And Medicaid; Rep. Herger On The Cost Of Health Reform

Price Tag Of Health Reform Law Too High Roll Call
President Barack Obama has acknowledged that our growing national debt is a threat to our future prosperity and that we need fiscal responsibility. Yet instead of using the health care reform debate as an opportunity to put our health care system on a fiscally sustainable path, the president took America in the opposite direction (Rep. Wally Herger, 6/24).

The Unexpected Winning Issue For Democrats: Healthcare  The Nation
If Republicans persist in making road calls for repeal of the reform, and if those calls are coupled with talk about cracking down on entitlements by Republicans such as Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, a key player on budget issues, the GOP will stir uncertainty with regard to which party can be trusted to protect Medicare and Social Security (John Nichols, 6/21).

About Those Presidential Promises Kaiser Health News
Over the past three years, President Barack Obama made many promises to the American people about his health care plan. Among other things, he said it would reduce the federal budget deficit in coming years, promote better quality care and improve access to physicians. … The problem, of course, is that the reality of the new law differs markedly from what was promised - something that is becoming increasingly clear by the day (James Capretta, 6/24).

ObamaCare's Bad Omen New Jersey Today
Even though some lawmakers don't want to believe it, ObamaCare is already proving costly to American businesses. And ironically, the new law could cause many workers to lose the health benefits they get through their jobs (Grace-Marie Turner, 6/23).

Congress, Do Not Leave Strapped States In Lurch The Arizona Republic
Congress needs to extend extra Medicaid funding or it will blow a hole the size of the Grand Canyon into state budgets across the nation. … No one wants to expand the federal deficit any more, but the recovery has been so weak that states are still overwhelmed (6/24).

Easy Health Reform The Buffalo News
Reducing unneeded X-rays, CT scans can lower costs and benefit patients. ... Cost-cutting, intelligently done, will actually improve the long-term health prospects of many Americans (6/24).

Medicare 'Progress' Is A Huge Step Back The [Prescott, Ariz.] Daily Courier
Medicare. It's a dirty word nowadays. Doctors have little faith in it, patients depend upon it, health-related businesses rely on it, and Congress can't seem to fix it (6/22).

State Workers Must Share Health Care Bill Oregon Statesman Journal
Public employees may be approaching a crossroads - the choice between keeping jobs or keeping the same level of benefits. That choice already has confronted such private-sector unions as the UAW. Everyone will benefit if Oregon can get ahead of the curve instead of waiting so long that far harsher action is required (6/24).


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