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Health Care Deals May Make You Sick USA Today
If the Senate version of the health care bill becomes law, some of the political bargains made may make you feel sick. If so, you might want to move to Nebraska (Al Neuharth, 12/24).

A Health Care Victory That Stinks The Washington Post
There is so much that is wrong with it – and the way it was made – and, at the same time, so much that is right that you just have to shake your head in despair and in wonder (David Broder, 12/24).

Profiles In Cowardice The New York Times
What the Senate has done this week will not break the economy or cure all that ails a profoundly imperfect health care system. ... For that, it deserved at least a handful of Republican votes (Timothy Egan, 12/23).

'Ubi Est Mea?' Chicago Tribune
If nothing else, the acrimonious debate over health care reform has contributed some potent new expressions to the American political vocabulary (12/24).

The Real Price Of The Senate Health Bill The Wall Street Journal
Any Democrat who assumes that it's OK to pass a bad bill because it includes a good deal for them is missing a larger dynamic of the Senate (Karl Rove, 12/23).

Lieberman Should Get Credit For Role Passing Health Bill Roll Call
But the fact is, Lieberman's success in inducing Reid to drop the public option and Medicare buy-in was a gift to Democrats (Morton Kondracke, 12/23).

What Doctors And Patients Have To Lose Under ObamaCare The Wall Street Journal
Mr. Obama promised that under his plan people wouldn't have to change their doctors. But it's clear that doctors will be forced to change how they make their medical decisions (Scott Gottlieb, 12/23). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.