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Don't Forget About The Other Determinants of Health Kaiser Health News
After months of discussion and debate, the House has passed its version of health care reform. But as many observers, including me, have already noted, health care reform has primarily become health insurance reform over the course of the year (Gail Wilensky, 11/12).

America's Defining Choice The New York Times
President Obama and Congress will soon make defining choices about health care and troops for Afghanistan (Nicholas D. Kristof, 11/11).

Congress Must Do More To Curb Medical Costs Kansas City Star
The House bill falls short of meeting a second essential goal of health reform - controlling the skyrocketing costs of medical care (11/11).

Our View On Health Care: Everyone Benefits If Illegal Immigrants Are Insured USA Today
The more people who purchase policies, the more costs are spread (11/12).

Opposing View: Don't Let Them Buy Policies USA Today
Insurance for illegal immigrants means longer waits, higher costs (Dan Stein, 11/12).

A Hard Choice On Health Care The Washington Post
For some years, Democrats have denounced parodies that cast their party as utterly closed to the views of those who oppose abortion. Last weekend, Democrats proved conclusively that they are, indeed, a big tent -- and many in the ranks are furious (E. J. Dionne, Jr., 11/12).

Take A Deep Breath The New York Times
Right now we citizens have quite a lot on our plate and there is no reason to go completely crazy about the least little thing (Gail Collins, 11/11).

Vets Need Mental Health Services Atlanta Journal Constitution
Last Thursday's tragic events at Fort Hood have certainly shone a spotlight on mental health and our military (Calvin Smyre, 11/11).

Senate Must Address Flaws In Weakened House Health Bill Detroit Free Press
The crusade to achieve universal coverage is bound to founder if the bill that ultimately emerges from Congress fails to achieve dramatic efficiencies in the delivery of health care -- changes that save lives, lower costs and free up billions of dollars being squandered in our current health care system (11/12).

Doing Nothing Does Harm The Philadelphia Inquirer
Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman's anti-reform position raises a moral question: Should the richest country on Earth value the market so highly it allows people to suffer or die because they cannot afford medical care? (Frank McClellan, 11/12).

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