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Today’s OpEds: Rove On Reconciliation, An Imagined Plea From Kennedy, Vulnerable Hispanics

The Trouble With 'Reconciliation' The Wall Street Journal
House Democrats would be foolish to trust a process that has deeply alienated the American public. Republicans know that and are determined to make House Democrats think hard about the price they will pay for passing this health-care monstrosity (Karl Rove, 3/11).

Heaven Can Wait: The Health-Care Edition The Washington Post
My fellow Americans, don't be scared - this is Ted Kennedy with a final word about health-care reform. ... When you cut through all the hype and hysteria, here's what's true: The president's plan will provide health security to every American family, using good ideas from both political parties, at a price the nation can afford (Matt Miller, 3/10).

Ten Wrong Reasons To Oppose Health Reform Politics Daily
Greetings to my conservative readers who have vented and philosophized about President Obama's health reform drive in countless comments and e-mails. I want to talk today to you. ... Here are some of the charges and claims, and why I think they are not the right reasons to oppose the health overhaul before Congress (Jill Lawrence, 3/10).

Obama Is Right On Health Care: If Not Now, When? The San Jose Mercury News
The Barack Obama who wowed America during his 2008 campaign re-emerged this week, making his most compelling case yet for health care reform legislation. If the president had only unleashed this approach a few months ago, the bill would probably already have his signature, and he could be spending his time figuring out how to create more jobs (3/10).

Pass Health Care Reform, Then Fine-Tune It The Asheville Citizen-Times
We the people want our elected leaders to pass this health care bill within the next few days. Every conceivable point has been presented, discussed and refined. Cost analysis by the nonpartisan CBO validates savings of a trillion dollars over the coming years. Doing nothing costs everyone. Starting over, proposed by naysayers, only benefits corporations (Shirley Ches, 3/11). 

Saving The Biggest Health Care Losers The Austin American Statesman
Unfortunately, although the current system provides adequate care to a large fraction of middle-class Americans, it leaves traditionally vulnerable groups, including minority group members and those employed in low-wage service sector jobs, susceptible to the ravages of poor health. Nowhere is this more obvious than the extent of the lack of health care coverage among the Hispanic population of the United States (Jacqueline L. Angel and Robert J. Angel, 3/10).

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