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Trump Says Insurers Will ‘Like What They Hear’ On Health Care In His First Address To Congress

President Donald Trump's address to Congress comes a day after he released a spending plan that skirts attempts to cut Medicare.

Bloomberg: Trump Promises ‘Something Special’ On Health Care Before Speech 
President Donald Trump said his address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday will offer “something special” on his health-care overhaul efforts, as his administration gets increasingly involved with Republican plans to repeal and replace Obamacare. ... Trump and congressional Republicans are pushing ahead with their efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the 2010 law also known as Obamacare. Their stated goals have sometimes been at odds -- with Trump promising better, less-expensive care for all, all while not touching entitlement programs like Medicare, and Republicans in Congress admitting that their plan is likely to cover fewer of the 20 million people who gained coverage under the ACA. (Tracer, Edney and Jacobs, 2/27)

The Washington Post: Trump Touts Spending Plan, But Promise To Leave Entitlements Alone Puts GOP In A Quandary
President Trump is preparing a budget that would fulfill some of his top campaign promises by boosting military spending while cutting domestic programs. But his reluctance to embrace cuts to entitlement programs could lead to sharp tensions with Republicans in Congress who have long argued that Medicare and Social Security must be overhauled to ensure the government’s fiscal health. (Phillip and Snell, 2/27)

The Wall Street Journal: House Republicans Expect Trump Will Get On Board With Medicare, Social Security Cuts
House Republicans, confronted with President Donald Trump’s opposition to curbing spending on Medicare and Social Security, said Monday they were optimistic Mr. Trump would change his mind once he looks more closely at the longer-term numbers. White House officials said Monday that Mr. Trump will seek to increase military spending by 10% above budget caps set into law for next year, offset by cuts to nondefense spending, in his first budget proposal next month. (Peterson, 2/27)

The Wall Street Journal: Former Governor Who Embraced Health Law To Rebut Trump’s Speech
Democrats chose a former red-state governor known for embracing the Affordable Care Act to offer rebuttal Tuesday night to President Donald Trump’s first address to Congress. Former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, who left office in December 2015, is barely known outside his home state and doesn’t represent the populist bent in today’s Democratic politics. But he does come with a résumé entry important to the party’s current identity: He made Obamacare popular. (Epstein, 2/27)

Cleveland Plain-Dealer: Ohio Congress Members Make Political Points With Guests To Donald Trump's Speech 
Donald Trump won't be the only one trying to score political points when he delivers his first speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night. Just as presidents usually invite guests in the audience to highlight their speech's policy initiatives, members of Congress from Ohio and across the nation will bring their own guests, each meant to convey a message. For Democrats Marcy Kaptur of Toledo and Joyce Beatty of the Columbus area, that message is: "Don't mess with the Affordable Care Act." (Eaton, 2/27)

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