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Today’s Opinions: Cost ‘Underruns’ In Medicare Part D; Decent Pay For Health Workers; Turning To Doctors To Get Health Reform Message Out

The Mystery Of Future Health Care Costs The Atlantic
The history of health care spending projections is considerably more checkered than either liberals or conservatives acknowledge. ... But there is one example of "cost underruns" that I keep hearing, which I think should be used cautiously if at all. That's Medicare Part D, which came in substantially beneath projections (Megan McArdle, 4/26).

More Proof Of Health Law's Flaws McCook (Neb.) Daily Gazette
In Nebraska, we work together to find real solutions to pressing issues; that wasn't the case with health care legislation and it's past time for Washington to follow suit (Sen. Mike Johanns, 4/27).

ObamaCare: Bad Medicine For Southwest Florida Cape Coral (Fla.) Daily Breeze
One needs to look no further than right here in Southwest Florida to see the devastating effect that Big Government policies can have on small businesses and the local economy (Rep. Connie Mack, 4/26).

Fairness For Health Care Workers The Baltimore Sun
One in five Baltimore jobs is in health care, so when hospitals and nursing homes deny workers a living wage it has a profound effect citywide: Poverty grows, the tax base declines, and neighborhoods fall further into decay (John Reid, 4/27).

ObamaCare: Now What? Forbes
As the months drag on, and my office expenses continue to increase, my patients will find that I am barely able to continue to keep my office open (Dr. Marc Siegel, 4/26).

A Prescription For Stephanie Cutter National Journal 
So if you want to communicate the benefits of health care reform and dispel some of the misconceptions, physicians are the most trusted source. (Mark Blumenthal, 4/26).

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