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Why One Democrat Voted No On Health Bill The Philadelphia Inquirer
After months of debate over reforming the health-care system, I decided to vote against the bill that the House of Representatives passed a little more than a week ago. I did not come to this decision lightly (Rep. John Adler, D-Penn., 11/17). 

How To Reform Health Care The Right Way The Dallas Morning News
The best thing that could happen to health care reform is for Congress to abandon its current approach and start over fresh (Daniel Marsh, 11/16). 

Puppets In Congress The New York Times
For a depressing example of how members of Congress can be spoon-fed the views and even the exact words of high-powered lobbying firms, consider remarks inserted into the Congressional Record after the debate and vote on health care reform in the House (11/16).

A Modest Proposal The Washington Post
With Congress tied up over health reform -- legislation whose initial, much-discussed goal was to extend health insurance to as many as 47 million uninsured Americans -- this may be as good a time as any to propose another, less divisive reform (Al Horne, 11/17). 

A Long Road To Reform The Indianapolis Star
There will never be enough money found to pay for this failing system without correcting the fundamental problem: the wasteful health-care system with its perverse incentives that inherently promote ever-escalating costs (Richard Feldman, 11/17).

It's Tempting, But the Rich Probably Shouldn't Pay For Health Reform - Politics Daily
"The intense months-long national debate over health reform is not convincing Americans that they should be their brothers' and sisters' keepers. ... In my view this is regrettable from a moral standpoint and, just as importantly, from a political one (Jill Lawrence, 11/17).

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