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Democrats Must Find Their Voice On Health Care Los Angeles Times
Parties prosper when they connect their passions and their principles to their policies. Remembering that could save healthcare reform - and the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. Forgetting it makes the majorities irrelevant, even if they manage to hang on to them (James Morone, 1/27).

Cut Where The Money Is The Baltimore Sun
If Republicans do care about the mounting debt, they should drop the fear-mongering about death panels and rationing and take the current health reform proposal as a starting point to talk about increasing the use of evidence-based medicine (1/27).

Republicans: Take The Reins Forbes
If Republicans play their cards right and avoid Democrats' blunderbuss ways, they could seize the moment to begin nudging the country toward a more rational health care system (Shikha Dalmia, 1/27).

Health Care Consensus We Can Believe In San Francisco Chronicle
Just as public libraries were designed to increase access to information and public schools were designed to increase access to education, so have community health centers been designed to increase access to primary medical care. They strengthen communities and enhance community health objectives (Thomas Lorentzen, 1/27).

'No Bed-Wetting' The Wall Street Journal
As a call to arms [David Plouffe's op-ed] leaves something to be desired, though it does suggest the political unreality that still prevails among Democratic leaders (1/26).

Meaningful Reform Will Require Courage The Philadelphia Inquirer
Solving real problems, like curing tough diseases, is hard. Like doctors who muster the courage to prescribe a difficult but necessary treatment, our leaders must have the courage to put patients ahead of politics (Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, 1/26).

Focus On Health Care The Las Vegas Sun
It's time for the rest of the nation to move away from the hyperpartisan sniping in the health care debate and get back to finding ways to get people health care (1/27).

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