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What Is Single Payer? Why Now? And More Questions About Sanders’ New Bill Answered

Media outlets take a look at the ins and outs of Sen. Bernie Sanders' new "Medicare for all" plan.

The Hill: Five Things To Know About Sanders’s Single-Payer Plan 
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) rolled out his “Medicare for all” health-care bill to much fanfare on Wednesday. While the bill has no chance of passing in the current GOP-led Congress, it is a marker of where the Democratic Party is heading. Here are five things to know about the plan. (Sulivan, 9/13)

Bloomberg: What You Need To Know About ‘Medicare For All’ 
In most of the developed world, everybody’s health care is paid for by the government. In the U.S., for years that idea has been relegated to the far-left edge of politics under the name of single payer. Last year, Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent of Vermont called it “Medicare for All” and put it at the forefront of his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Now, with liberals revved up by their so-far successful fight to protect Obamacare from President Donald Trump and a Republican Congress, Sanders’s idea is getting some support. The legislation he introduced today would build on Medicare, the hugely popular insurance program for those over 65, to provide coverage to all Americans. (Edney and Tracer, 9/13)

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