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Contraception Coverage, Abortion Loom As Issues For High Court, Advocacy Groups

Advocacy groups are wondering about a future boomerang effect of the "nuclear option," which could keep Senate Republicans from filibustering judicial nominations.

Roll Call: Abortion Dilemma In 'Nuclear Option' Debate
Outside advocates of abortion rights have largely steered clear of public involvement in the latest round of ratcheting up of "nuclear option" talk in the Senate, and there might be good reason for that. The dilemma for groups like Planned Parenthood is clear: Back the nuclear option for victories on issues like birth control now, and you’ll increase the risk that a Republican president will be able to put hostile nominees on the bench in the future (Lesniewski, 11/18).

Roll Call: Will The Supreme Court Take On Contraception Coverage Challenge?
While Congress continues to focus on the rocky rollout of the health care overhaul, the Supreme Court is expected to mull over challenges to another piece of the law two days before the justices sit down to their Thanksgiving dinners. On Nov. 26, the court is scheduled to meet privately to decide which of four cases, if any, to take up this term that challenge the Obama administration's requirements that most health insurance plans cover birth control free of charge (Attias, 11/18).

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