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Memorial Day Thoughts On Veterans’ Health

KHN Morning Briefing

Opinion writers pause on the holiday to urge recognition of soldiers who deal with mental health injuries when they return from war as well as other issues — including President Donald Trump’s budget — related to vets’ health care.

Cuts To Biosecurity In Trump Budget Leaves ‘The American People Very Vulnerable,’ Experts Say

KHN Morning Briefing

The Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, which tracks outbreaks of disease, would be cut by $136 million, or 9.7 percent, while the branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that fights threats like anthrax and Ebola would be cut by $65 million, or 11 percent. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump tweeted that he wanted to allocate more money toward health care, which is in direct contrast to both his proposed budget and the House GOP health bill.