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Getting Patients To Have Skin In The Game Is An Economist’s Dream, But It’s Also A Political Risk

KHN Morning Briefing

Although experts believe high costs are being driven by the high prices of medical services in the country, Republicans are instead focusing on getting Americans to pay more for their own coverage. It’s a political risk that could backfire on them. In other news, The Washington Post fact checks Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s health law claim, pre-existing conditions continue to be a sticky issue, a look at how one CEO managed to not lose big under the Affordable Care Act, and more.

Conservative Republicans Rally Behind Plan That Focuses On HSAs

KHN Morning Briefing

“What if 30 percent of the public had Health Savings Accounts?” said Sen. Rand Paul. “What do you do when you use your own money? You call up doctors and ask the price… if you create a real marketplace, you drive prices down.” Meanwhile, House leadership will discuss their proposals with rank-and-file members on Thursday to gauge their receptiveness.