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HHS, Lawmakers Weigh Work Requirement For Medicaid, But Many Enrollees Already Have A Job

KHN Morning Briefing

Republican legislation to replace the health law could include the provision and Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price has told states he is open to them adding work requirements to their programs. Also in the news: funding for the CHIP program is on the line this year, Florida lawmakers are wrestling with funding for hospitals that have large numbers of uninsured or Medicaid patients and Tufts Health Plan will manage a Medicaid program in Rhode Island.

Oregon Lawmakers Seeking Budget Cuts Weigh Proposal To End Medicaid Expansion

KHN Morning Briefing

The state is facing a $1.6 billion deficit and dropping the Medicaid expansion could save $256 million over two years. The hospital industry is fighting the proposal and the governor has called it “unacceptable.” News outlets also report on other Medicaid news in Alabama, Mississippi and Michigan.