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Price Dodges When Asked If GOP’s Health Plan Is ‘Mean’

KHN Morning Briefing

“It’s not a yes or no answer,” Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price says. Meanwhile, Republicans on Capitol Hill downplay the reports that the president called the House-passed bill just that.

Veterans’ Choice Program Facing Surprise $1B Shortfall

KHN Morning Briefing

“If there is no action at all by Congress, then the Choice program will dry up by mid-August,” VA Secretary David Shulkin said while asking the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee for help.

Divided And Shunted To The Sidelines, Insurance Industry Loses Voice In Health Care Debate

KHN Morning Briefing

Some insurers have decided a low-key role is best, but others are frustrated that their concerns aren’t being heard. In other news, outlets look at what consumers could expect to pay under the Republicans’ health care plan, the effect it would have on jobs and the amount of support the legislation has in Missouri and Kansas.