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This Time Around It Isn’t Going To Be The Trump Show

KHN Morning Briefing

President Donald Trump cajoled and courted reluctant House Republicans to vote “yes” on the bill last month. But those familiar with the process don’t anticipate a repeat of that lobbying with the upper chamber.

Failures Of VA Pharmacy System Put Patient Safety At Risk, GAO Report Finds

KHN Morning Briefing

The pharmacy operations are part of the Veterans Affairs Department’s soon-to-be-replaced electronic health record system. In other news on veteran health, VA Secretary David Shulkin talks about disparities in access to care depending on a patient’s location.

State Officials Scramble To Woo Insurers Back Into ACA Marketplaces

KHN Morning Briefing

In Washington state, an insurer that was going to pull out of the exchanges reversed course after “repeated discussions” with state officials. And in Iowa, a company that had been considering leaving the individual marketplace announced it will stay in it.