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Effects From Repeal Would Ripple Through Entire Economy, Creating ‘Noticeable’ Slowdown

KHN Morning Briefing

Most of the job cuts would result from two factors: the loss of federal spending for premium tax credits that help people pay for marketplace coverage, and the loss of spending for Medicaid services. In related news, Massachusetts officials say reviving the old system in their state if the health law is repealed is unrealistic; Minnesota’s efforts to stabilize its marketplace may offer a peek into the future; the medical device industry is on tenterhooks over a tax on its products; and more.

Hospitals Lost Billions In Funding When ACA Passed — Now They’re Fighting To Get It Back

KHN Morning Briefing

The health law cut two types of hospital funding: charity care money and annual raises in Medicare reimbursement. But as Republicans take aim at dismantling the legislation, hospitals say they’re going to need those cuts repealed too. Meanwhile, insurers don’t want to go back to pre-health law days when they were seen as the bad guys.

California’s Republican Lawmakers Feeling The Heat On Party’s Vow To Repeal Health Law

KHN Morning Briefing

Four members of Congress from Republican strongholds in California’s inland area have among the highest ratios of constituents who are receiving direct assistance from the Affordable Care Act. Concerns among residents in Texas and Massachusetts are also growing, while the new Missouri governor explains his view that the law is hurting the state.