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The Health Law’s Unlikely Defenders: Republicans

KHN Morning Briefing

As Republican efforts to dismantle and replace the Affordable Care Act continue, some in the party are speaking out for provisions in the legislation, such as coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Meanwhile, a left-leaning group will launch attack ads just in time for congressional recess, media outlets look at the ramifications of the GOP health plan and what’s next for the resistance movement that helped bring about the collapse of the Republicans’ bill.

At The White House, An Emerging Split Over Obamacare Payments

KHN Morning Briefing

A decision must be made in the weeks ahead about whether to continue paying out key cost-reduction subsidies for people who buy insurance on the exchanges or to cut them off. The latter would deal a possibly mortal blow the to the health law’s individual insurance market. Meanwhile, brokers are increasingly fed up by unpaid commissions, and consumers who gained coverage via the health law are now wondering about what the future holds.