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GOP’s Plan For Medicaid ‘Threatens The Ability’ Of People With Disabilities To Live At Home

KHN Morning Briefing

Home health care services for more than 17 million Americans could be affected by changes in Medicaid, McClatchy reports. Also in the news, a look at some of the changes that are under the radar such as new requirements for enrollees to renew coverage every six months, instead of once a year. State and regional outlets also continue to look at the debate on Medicaid. And House Speaker Paul Ryan says these changes could be the culmination of a long-held hope.

GOP’s Replacement Plan Does Little To Inch Toward Ever-Elusive Balanced Budget

KHN Morning Briefing

The legislation put forth by the usually budget-conscious party doesn’t do much in terms of overall government savings. In other news on the American Health Care Act: Moody’s Investors Service reports it will squeeze states’ finances; a simple fix no one wants to make; “gig workers” get nervous; Planned Parenthood zeroes in on moderate Republicans; selling insurance across state lines; and more.