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Schools Updating Anti-Drug Messaging In Light Of Opioid Crisis

KHN Morning Briefing

The messaging will begin as early as kindergarten. In other news on the epidemic, Seattle approves sites for people to safely use illegal drugs, the crisis hits close to home for one state prosecutor and a company that makes a device to inject anti-overdose medication gets heat over its pricing.

Medicare Agrees To Cover New Tiny Heart Pacemakers

KHN Morning Briefing

Medtronic’s Micra pacemaker is less than 10 percent of the size of a regular pacemaker and is implanted directly in the heart, rather than under skin in the chest. Medicare says it will cover the pacemakers if the use is part of a well-designed study by Medtronic to gather data over a long period of time. Also, federal officials penalize a Minnesota hospital after a 13-year-old who had attempted suicide was able to escape from a psychiatric ward.

New Message For ER Docs: Prescribe Opioids Only As Last Resort

KHN Morning Briefing

Medical personnel at hospitals around the country are now being retrained to resist prescribing strong narcotics. In other news on the drug epidemic, The Washington Post reports on the hunt for a painkiller that is not addictive.