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Despite Complaints About FDA’s Right-To-Try Approach, Watchdog Says It’s Mostly Doing A Good Job

KHN Morning Briefing

The Government Accountability Office did say the agency could do better at providing clear and transparent information about potential side effects of the experimental drugs. In other pharmaceutical news: the House passed an Food and Drug Administration authorization bill, President Donald Trump considers scaling down a program that makes drugmakers give discounted products to hospitals, and a new method might help shave off development time for drugs.

Opana ER Maker To Withdraw Controversial Opioid Following Rare FDA Request

KHN Morning Briefing

Pharmaceutical company Endo will voluntarily pull the painkiller, which is about twice as powerful as OxyContin, based on Food and Drug Administration concerns that the drug was too easy to abuse. Other news on the opioid public health crisis comes out of North Carolina, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

Limited Supply Of Cancer Drug May Force Doctors To Have To Choose Who To Save

KHN Morning Briefing

The therapy known as CAR-T can’t be stockpiled. “God, it’s awful,’’ said Carl June from the University of Pennsylvania. “I can’t tell you how bad.’’ In other pharmaceutical news, rare-disease drugmakers speak out against the Republican health care bill, a study finds that risks for drugs are not prominent and accessible on smartphones, and a conservative group pushes for House Energy and Commerce Chairman Greg Walden’s support on right-to-try legislation.