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With No Presidential Veto Protection, Planned Parenthood Braces For The Worst

KHN Morning Briefing

Congress has long tried to defund the organization, and with control over both chambers and the White House, they might succeed. Meanwhile, The Washington Post fact checks Speaker Paul Ryan’s claim that for every Planned Parenthood clinic there are 20 other centers to offer care for women, and hundreds rally in California to oppose threats to the organization.

HHS Nominee Price Tends To Go To Bat For Physicians Just As Much As Patients

KHN Morning Briefing

Although Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., says the driving force behind his decisions is patients, his record shows that he supports legislation that benefits doctors at least as often as he fights for those receiving the care. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s transition team defends Price amidst controversy over his stocks.

There’s A Striking Divide In Health Between Rural, Urban Americans

KHN Morning Briefing

Rural Americans are more likely to die from one of the top five causes of death than their urban counterparts. CDC says the difference can be attributed to factors including smoking rates, opioid use, poverty levels, poor nutrition, levels of physical activity, and access to health care. In other public health news: superbugs, Zika, allergies, cancer-causing foods, diabetes and marijuana.